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i'm lord of all darkness, i'm queen of the night

Poetry spoken from Mercury
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Lap of the Gods is a community dedicated to the brilliance of the band Queen. In this community, you are to express yourself through Queen, whether it be lyrics or a quote. This is a lyrics community!! Feel free to talk about anything your heart desires, since this is a group to bring the love of Queen throughout Livejournal. After each entry, be sure to leave a lyric or quote. As with all communities, this one has some rules for all of you to follow. Please take some time to do so before joining this community. New members are required to fill out a survey included on their introductory post upon joining.

Rules of Lap of the Gods:
1.) In each entry you must include Queen lyrics or a Queen quote. That is the purpose of this whole community. You can have a normal entry, but you must include a quote or lyric.

2.) If you are including a picture or an extremely large entry, please use an Lj-cut. Not all of us have fast computers. Please be curtious.

3.) There is to be no advertising communities! It's annoying, especially when it appears all the time. Please take time to do it somewhere else.

4.) Please try to be nice to each other! We are all joined here for our love of Queen. Swearing is okay, as long as there are no racial slurs involved. I understand that disagreements might take place, but if you are harassing other members, you will be banned.

5.) Gay bashing about Queen or Freddie results in an immediate ban.

6.) This is a Queen community, so please try to keep it on topic. This means do not talk about Queen tribute bands. Even though it relates to Queen, I, as well as other people are thoroughly sick of tribute bands.

All these rules are subject to change at any time. Expect a warning if you disobey the rules. Constant violation results in a ban. Thanks everyone and have fun!

Created and Moderated by: her_romance

Feel free to leave any feedback!

Survey for New Members:
1.) What is your name?

2.) How old are you?

3.) When did you first start listening to Queen?

4.) Who is your favorite member?

5.) Favorite Queen album?

6.) Least favorite queen album?

7.) How did you find this community?

8.) Why did you join?

9.) What would cause you to leave?

10.) Post a picture of yourself.