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New Member

1.) What is your name? Hannah

2.) How old are you? 16...I'll be 17 on February 3.

3.) When did you first start listening to Queen? Last November - I'm a new fan, but I'm definitely OBSESSED.

4.) Who is your favorite member? Freddie

5.) Favorite Queen album? So far, "A Night At The Opera"

6.) Least favorite queen album? I don't have a least favorite.

7.) How did you find this community? On a fellow Queen fan's profile.

8.) Why did you join? I am REALLY obsessed with Queen.

9.) What would cause you to leave? I don't know if I would leave...I see no reason to. Anything having to do with Queen is wonderful.

10.) Post a picture of yourself. I would, but my computer is ancient and isn't compatible with my digital camera...sorry...

"It's so easy, but I can't do it...so risky, but I gotta chance it..."
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