Sarah!! (sarahafc) wrote in lapofthegods,


1.) What is your name? Sarah Rooney!

2.) How old are you?15

3.) When did you first start listening to Queen? My dad introduced me to Queen when I was little, and I've always loved them XD

4.) Who is your favorite member? John Deacon because he never gets any recognition..poor little guy.

5.) Favorite Queen album?Made in Heaven

6.) Least favorite queen album? I don't really have one...probably Flash

7.) How did you find this community? Searching LiveJournal

8.) Why did you join?It looked interesting

9.) What would cause you to leave? If no-one posted, I nearly always update my journal

10.) Post a picture of yourself.

Image hosted by

Im the girl in that pic...with the brownish hair (now its red XD) and wearing a yellow shirt! ^_^
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