Zander (zander05) wrote in lapofthegods,

survey for new members

Survey for New Members:

1.) What is your name?

2.) How old are you?

3.) When did you first start listening to Queen?
I was six years old when I became an 'official' fan. That was back in '92 when the movie Wayne's World came on television and... well I guess you can take it from there.

4.) Who is your favorite member?
I love each member dearly. But my favourite would be Freddie.

5.) Favorite Queen album?
That changes every week. But if you want something concrete, I'd say Innuendo.

6.) Least favorite queen album?
Greatest Hits 3 and Flash Gordon

7.) How did you find this community?
searching lj

8.) Why did you join?
Because Queen rocks hardcore.

9.) What would cause you to leave?
Same thing that's pretty much made me steer clear of QZ: stupidity

10.) Post a picture of yourself.
you can see my pic in my posts.
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